NIVREL watchmaking Course and Seminar

Dates 2022

  • Saturday, 03.09.2022, 10:00 am until Sunday, 04.09.2022, 4:00 pm (fully booked)
  • Saturday, 28.01.2023, 10:00 am until Sunday, 29.01.2023 ca. 4:00 pm

Due to the current corona protection regulations and general rules of conduct in the pandemic, we ask you to ensure that registered participants can show the status "recovered" or a full corona vaccination at the time of the course. In addition, we ask that all participants carry out a rapid antigen test on the morning of each day of the course. These are provided by the organizer free of charge. In addition, the organizer ensures that each participant is provided with their own disinfected tools and teaching materials.

If you have any questions about our Corona Code of Conduct, you can contact us at any time in advance of a course or registration.

Participants who cannot take part in the event due to an acute illness, a positive test result or quarantine can postpone their participation to a later course. There are no additional costs for this.

NIVREL Watchmaking Course

Registration Fee

The registration fee is 1.785,- Euro incl. 19% VAT. After your enrollment to our course you will receive an invoice.


  • Seminar and course participation
  • Two lunch meals
  • Non alcoholic beverages / coffee / snacks
  • Small groups (max. 5 participants) and assistance by the instructor and a NIVREL master watchmaker
  • One NIVREL watch, model 'Replique Manuelle De Luxe', Ref. N 322.001 CGAES worth 1.340,- euros, which you will assemble yourself during the course of the seminar
  • Final inspection by the master watchmaker and issue of your full warranty certificate
  • Provision of the watchmaking tools needed for the course
  • Printed course instructions and material


In our watchmaking course and seminar, you will not only receive an insight into the fascinating world of a watchmaker: you will learn the basics about mechanical watches and their complications, about mechanical movements in detail, and to understand and build your individual NIVREL timepiece under the guidance of one of our master watchmakers! In our professional course room, each participant receives his own work bench with own tools and professional lighting. The courses are designed to provide maximum care of the participants and are therefore limited to a maximum of 5 participants per weekend. This ensures that there is always enough time for questions and answers for each participant during the seminar days and maximum technical assistance can be provided when building your watch.

On the first day of the seminar we dive deep into the tradition of the NIVREL company and the Kraemer jewelry store and take you on a journey to 1891 and back. Thus you will already know the basic principles of classical craftmenship in the watch and jewelry industry and learn a lot about the working methods and techniques of our watchmakers and goldsmiths.

After the lunch break we will get down to serious business. We will deal with the technical design of mechanical movements and learn about different types of movements and mechanical complications. Discussing the construction plan of a mechanical movement caliber ETA Unitas 6498 the participants will get to know all the single parts of the watch movement that will be assembled later on.

In the last course block of the first day, each participant will disassemble his own movement into all single parts under strong guidance of the specialist.

Armed with the knowledge of the frst day's sessions we start on the morning of the second day with the assembly of the NIVREL Replique Manuelle. The morning will be devoted entirely to the assembly of the watch movement. Under the guidance of our master watchmaker each seminar participants puts together his own movement and checks his working results together with the watchmaker. This course block ends with the fine regulation (the precise time setting) of the movement and with the setting of the dial and hands.

In the afternoon of the second day the seminar comes into the home stretch. Seminar participants will learn about the design of the watch case with its different items. The movement will be combined with dial and hands and assembled into the watch case. After setting the crown the single functions of the watch can be checked. In addition to reviewing the position of hands, checking the cleanness of the watch and the general functionality, easch participant performs an accuracy test by using an electronical timing devise. A water resistancy test will be carried out as well.

At the end of the seminar the participants assemble the bracelet and the corresponding buckle. The watchmaker inspects your individual timepiece andissues the warranty certificate for your masterpiece. At appr. 4.00 p.m. of the second day we conclude our seminar. The NIVREL team will continue to be at your disposal for all the professional and personal questions you may have.

The Seminar Watch

During the seminar, each participant will receive his own NIVREL watch Replique Manuelle De Luxe, Ref. N 322.001 CGAES which he will assemble by himself. NIVREL guarantees perfection in your work at the conclusion of the seminar by issueing the warranty certificate.

The seminar watch has a silver-colored dial with a small second at 6 o'clock, the movement also has a blued swan neck and a gold-plated screw balance (ETA Unitas 6498-2 movement).

The watch has a value of EUR 1.340 and is part of the total price for the course.

Course Venue

During the weekend seminar, you will get to know both NIVREL production sites in Saarbrücken: the watchmaking workshop at NIVREL and the goldsmith workshops at the Kraemer jewellery store. The seminar starts at Kraemer jewellery store in downtown Saarbrücken. During the day there will be a transfer to NIVREL in the district of Saarbrücken St. Arnual. The transfer is taken care of, unless you want to drive with your own car which is a trip of about 5 minutes.

Watchmaking Course Details

Day 1 (Saturday)

  • 10.00 a.m.: Meeting point at Kraemer jewellery store in downtown Saarbrücken. Meet & greet of the participants with coffee and tea
  • 10.15 a.m.: Plan for the day and a start into the seminar with an historical overview about the two companies NIVREL und Kraemer. Guided tour of the workshops at Kraemer and explanation of the teamwork between goldsmiths and watchmakers.
  • 11.30 a.m.: Transfer to NIVREL
  • 12.00 a.m.: Guided tour of our watchmaking workshops.
  • 01.00 p.m.: Lunch break
  • 02.00 p.m.: Workshop session 1: the mechanical watch and it's complications
  • 04.00 p.m.: Coffee break
  • 04.30 p.m.: Workshop session 2: getting to know the watch movement ETA Unitas 6498 and disassemblng
  • 05.00 p.m.: Conclusion for the day
  • 07.00 p.m.: Optional dinner at the beautiful St. Johann market square In Saarbrücken

Day 2 (Sunday)

  • 09.00 a.m.: Meeting point in the watchmaker's workshop at NIVREL
  • 09.15 a.m.: Plan for the day
  • 09.30 a.m.: Workshop session 3: Assembly of the watch movements ETA Unitas 6498, discussion of single parts and assembly working steps
  • 11.30 a.m.: Lunch break
  • 12.30 a.m.: Workshop session 4: Assembly of dial and hands, case setting
  • 02.30 p.m.: Coffee break
  • 03.00 p.m.: Final working steps, final inspection and water resistancy test. Final inspection by the master watchmaker and warranty certification.
  • 04.00 p.m.: end of the workshop


The NIVREL management team will host you throughout the two days. With their in-depth knowledge about the history of NIVREL, the Kraemer / Hofer jewelers' family and the structure of mechanical movements and various complications they will make your first day entertaining and prepare all participants perfectly for the assembly of their own NIVREL timepiece. In order to do so, one of NIVREL's master watchmakers will join the seminar on the second day who will guide the participants when assembling their watches and will be the helping hand whenever necessary.


If you are looking for a place to stay, you will find plenty of hotels in downtown Saarbrücken, in close proximity to our seminar room. On request we are happy to help you organize in advance.

Accomodation is not included in the registration fee!

Summary (Facts & Infos)

  • 2-days seminar
  • maximum of 5 participants
  • Assistance by the instructer and a NIVREL master watchmaker
  • 1 NIVREL watch, model Replique Manuelle, Ref. N 322.001 incl. box and warranty certificate

What you might want to bring along

  • pen for your personal notes
  • If interested, some cash for a joint dinner (not included in the registration fee)
  • If necessary, please remember to book an accomodation (not included in the registration fee)

Enroll to the course

Seats in our watchmaking class and seminar are limited to five persons per course. If you are interested in booking a participation, please send us a message with date preferences.