Where we are located: Saarbrucken, Saarland / Germany

For five generations, the Hofer / Kraemer family has produced finest jewelry for the people of Saarbrucken, the Saarland and the so-called Saar-Lor-Lux region. Two generations ago, the family also brought the NIVREL watch production into the region. The production site is located in Saarbrucken.

The federal state Saarland is located in the south-western part of Germany. It borders France in the South and Luxembourg in the West. Within the last 200 years and because of multiple wars, the people of Saarland have experienced a change in nationality for eight times. The associated fall and rise of the people shaped the region and the appr. one millon people who live here today.

Saarbrucken is the capital of Saarland and the only major citiy of the region. The Saarbrucken of today was founded in 1909 by aggregating the three cities Saarbrucken, St. Johann and Malstatt-Burbach. Saarbrucken is the political, economical and cultural center of Saarland.

The roots of the Hofer / Kraemer family are inseperably bound to Saarbrucken and the Saarland. The Hofer family founded the ’Saarbrücker Zeitung’ (the biggest newspaper of the region) in 1760, the Kraemer family founded the biggest goldsmith workshop and the traditional jewelry store of Saarbrucken in 1891. In 1939, goldsmith Hildgard Kraemer married the compositor Gerd Hofer. Their oldest son Gerd Hofer jr. and his wife Gitta later purchased the Swiss watch brand NIVREL.

We are proud of our family background and of our history. And we try to provide our products with some of the characteristics that make Saarbrucken, the Saarland and it’s people an adistinctive, a valuable, and kind part of the world. The people of Saarland are in general considered to be very attached to their native soil but also very fond of travelling. You will run across them everywhere, they are companionable and have a sophisticated lifestyle. Inventive talent, assertiveness, but still an easy-going way of life, a favour for excellent food and beverages – all of these are characteristics that belong to the Saarland people. The small state with it’s rather small capital somehow resembles our company – the people who live here somehow resemble our watches in a very positive way.