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The NIVREL E-Boutique

Welcome to the NIVREL E-Boutique. Here you will find the biggest choice of NIVREL watches and accessories worldwide!

The NIVREL E-Boutique provides comprehensive information about all NIVREL product families. Even more, it offers the possibility to directly order your NIVREL online. The NIVREL E-Boutique is a 100% secure possibility to order a NIVREL timepiece without being forced to rely on an internet trader who you don't know. Together with our official NIVREL retailers, we provide this reliable online platform.

Watch Manufacturer + Official Retailer = 100% Service

Secure Online Purchase

The producer himself in addition with his official retail network is your 100% secure way to purchase a luxury item over the internet and be 100% sure to receive the original product! That's why NIVREL provides this online store in co-operation with its retailers. We stand for 100% online shopping security and service.

Convenient Decision Making

If you choose the direct delivery option, the watch will be send right away to your home. You will have the comfort to take your time examining the watch for a period of 14 days.

Many watch lovers like to see and feel the watch before ordering. No problem when ordering at the NIVREL E-Boutique. Within the ordering process you will be able to choose the pick-up option at your nearest NIVREL retailer. You will be able to examine the watch and to enjoy some further professional dealer advise before actually purchasing the watch.

You have more questions? The choice of products is too large and you would like to get some consulting advises? Great! Feel free to call us at +49 (0)681 5846576. Sometime it is simply easier to get consulting rather than working through hundreds of possibilities. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions!

Have a great time at the NIVREL E-Boutique!

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