Maintenance and service for your NIVREL watch

NIVREL Service

NIVREL watches are for discerning owners of exceptional watches and jewellery. We congratulate you on becoming one of their number. At NIVREL, we are proud of our commitment to service. Our prime concern is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in response to the trust they have placed in us. The services we provide reflect the very high level of demands that are a hallmark of our timepieces.

To enjoy a watch for many years one should not neglect maintenance and care. Every watch is exposed to a multitude of different influences, such as moisture, sudden temperature changes and shocks. Therefore, we recommend having the water resistance checked at least once a year, and the quartz movements at least at every battery change.

The oil and grease of the movement are subjected to mechanical exposure and undergo an aging process. Mechanical watches require cleaning and oiling of the bearings every 2 to 5 years to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. When performing a movement revision, the watch movement is decomposed, dry-cleansed, recomposed, oiled, adjusted, and regulated. Damaged parts are exchanged.

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Please note that we currently have a high volume of work in the workshop and repairs take about 10-12 weeks after the order is placed.

Under the following link you will find a service guideline that gives you all the information needed:

Care instructions for your NIVREL watch

NIVREL watches are precious timepieces made by hand, using the finest materials. They require certain precautions, particular care and appropriate and regular service, to guarantee their operation and extend their lifespan. Please consider the following care regulations:

  • As leather is a permeable material, avoid contact between your strap and humidity, water, oily products and cosmetics to prevent discolouration or warping of the material.
  • Store your watches separately when you are not wearing them, to protect them from scratching each other.
  • We recommend you protect your watch against impacts and sudden temperature changes.
  • Pay attention to the water-resistance regulations.
  • Do not adjust the date on your watch between 9.00 pm and 4.00 am, to avoid damaging the date change mechanism.
  • Mechanical watches should be wound at least once a month to prevent the oil from drying out.