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NIVREL X47 Organizer

The X47 Timer of NIVREL.

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The X47 timer

The X47 leather timer is made of the finest materials. The basic idea of the X47 idea is a so-called ‘Federschiene’ – a spine rail made of stainless steel, by which the X47 gains some essential advantages in comparison to similar products. The technique behid the spine rail is quite similar to the mechanism that is used to attach leather straps to wrist watches. The timer’s inserts (small bound books) are equipped with a stainless steel tube on the backside and are latched into the spine rail. The inserts are easy and fast to exchange and the missing of the usual ring mechanism makes the X47 flatter than any timer. The system allows to scroll through the timer just like through a book. The inner surface of the pages stays clear from and punshed holes – it can be used for writing instead. On top of that, no ring mechanism get into the user’s way when trying to write on the edges. Alltogether, the X47 provides 47% more writing surface!

Also, X47 has it’s very own calendar as well: the so-called ’Time Circles’ are a unique concept to visualize appointments and available time. Unlike traditional calendars, times are entered onto a stylized watch dial rather than in a vertical line from top to bottom. The speciality of this segmentation: In the upper half of the page, appointments and meetings are visualised while the lower part stays clean for additional notes about the most important activities of the days or the week.

- Leather: premium calf leather "Gaucho" with embossed NIVREL Logo

- Colour: dark brown

- Size: A6 which fits into each men\'s jacket

- Calendar: X47 ‘time circle’; the watch dial of this special time circles edition is of course the NIVREL LGM dial, monthly planner, additional booklet for notes all all kind

- Pen: a luxury, silver-coloured mechanical pencil

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Model X47 Kalender