Interview with the founding family of NIVREL in book publication 'Bürger, Brücken und Duelle'

von Guido Grohmann - 15 May, 2009

Bürger, Brücken und Duelle: Die Geschichte der Großstadt Saarbrücken (Translated: Citizens, Bridges, and Duels: The History of the city of Saarbruecken) is a new book from authors Dieter Gräbner and Stefan Weszkalnys. In April 2009, the 100th anniversary of Saarbrücken as an aggregation of the three former towns Saarbrücken, St. Johann and Malstatt/Burbach was celebrated. Former mayors, business people, celebrities and normal citizens share their memories about the changeful history of Saarbruecken in the 20th century. Under the headline Newspapers and books – jewelry and watches one chapter describes the history of the Hofer/Kraemer family, being the founders of Saarbruecken’s newspaper, the popular Kraemer Jewelry Store and the watch brand NIVREL. A detailed interview with Dr. Anja Hofer, Sven Hofer and Dr. Guido Grohmann gives a small insight into the entrepreneurial work of the family.

Dieter Gräbner, Stefan Weszkalnys: Bürger, Brücken und Duelle - Die Geschichte der Großstadt Saarbrücken - Bilder, Erinnerungen und Chronik. Conte, May 2009, ISBN: 978-3936950854.

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