The X47 Horaire 2012: A product made by X47 and NIVREL

von Guido Grohmann - 4 Jan, 2012

The X47 Horaire 2012: A product made by X47 and NIVREL

The two companies had already formed another joint product in 2011: the NIVREL La Grande Manuelle X47. At that time they had combined two existing products for the special edition. For 2012 NIVREL developed a completely new model, designed to fit the so-called "time circle 2012" calendar of X47.

A weekly calendar showing a watch face?

What do calendars and clocks have in common? Both are designed for time management. So it was quite logical that eventually someone would think about ways how to combine these two "tools". To use a watch dial as a daily organization scheme is an amazing innovation in the field of paper calendars. It allows a brain-oriented planning of the day. The face of a watch is one of the most culturally influenced schemata of Western society. If you use this scheme, an information reaches the brain faster, and can be stored and recalled better. And that’s exactly how the so-called ‘time circles’ work as calendar inserts for the X47 products. A watch dial allows an overall view for twelve hours. Not only that certain points of time can be marked, also the duration of a period of time can be marked in different segments of the circle. The person planning the schedule always has a quick overview of available times, over the total number of dates, times and buffer overlaps. For daily work, the time circles become a valuable decision making tool. Registered events can be stored visually. The result is that the viewer gets a much faster impression of what still has to be included in the daily planning or what must be deleted.

Limited to 47 pieces: The X47 Horaire 2012

X47 and NIVREL combine the time circles 2012 of X47 with a limited watch made by NIVREL. 47 copies of the X47organizer are available with the NIVREL timepiece in a special, limited edition.

What’s special about the watch? Technically, the watch is based on the existing NIVREL model Horaire Automatique. The dial of the watch and the dial of the time circles 2012 were perfectly matched in agreement between the two companies. "We wanted to develop a watch face together that is clear and concise when looking at the watch, but also when checking the daily plan in the X47 calender," says Matthias Büttner, CEO and founder of X47.

The X47 Horaire 2012 features a Swiss mechanical movement caliber ETA 2824-2. Therefore, the watch provides the essential functions of hours, minutes, sweep seconds and date. These are exactly the functions that are also needed by the X47 user for his time planning on paper.

Also for the case of the watch, a clear design had top priority. It consists of stainless steel in high-grade alloy 316L. The sapphire crystal with its pronounced hardness can hardly be scratched. For the surfaces of the watch anti-reflective crystals are used. Thus both the dial on the front and the movement on the back of the case can be admired without distraction. The watches are water resistant to 10 bar.

The corresponding X47 organizer for the special edition is available in A6 or A5 format. X47 has designed its calendar inserts "time circles 2012," completely in the style of the watch dial. Therefore, the owner does not only have his NIVREL on the wrist, but also in his noble calendar on his desk or in his vest pocket. These are the best conditions in order to keep a tight grip on the appointments of the day.

The two companies X47 and NIVREL have managed to introduce a fine combination of their products. X47 is a young, innovative calendar manufacturer from Saarbruecken, Germany. The products are made from the best Italian leather and are manufactured exclusively in Germany. The special secret of X47 is the patented spring rail that makes it possible to produce extremly flat organizer and calendar booklets. The spring rail is an evolution of the spring bar used for watch straps and is manufactured exclusively for X47. Thus, the organizer/ calendar booklets can be so flat that they will fit in every jacket pocket. The product range extends from the company’s high-quality time management system to practical everyday helpers, such as purses and handbags that address the functionality of the X47 calendar and that are supplemented by additional sophisticated features.

NIVREL is a German manufacturer of mechanical watches, whose products are known all over the world. The company is located in the district of St. Arnual in Saarbruecken. Since 1993, Gerd Hofer Ltd. Has been the owner of the NIVREL brand that was once founded in 1936 in Switzerland. Gerd Hofer Ltd. moved the production of high-quality watches to Saarbrücken, Germany in 1993. That’s why a NIVREL is called the German watch with a Swiss heart.

The X47 Horaire 2012 is available exclusively at X47. More information can be found on X47's website.