On land, on sea and in the air: NIVREL 2011

von Guido Grohmann - 30 Mar, 2011

On Land: The new NIVREL Chronographe Replique III

Remarkable about the new Chronographe Replique III ist most definetly the design of the dial. NIVREL aficionados will notice with joy that the brand celebrates the revival of a true classic. This unique design in a chronograph was presented by NIVREL for the first time in the 1940ies. In the 1990ies, a special edition of 100 pieces was brought onto the market. It was sold out immediately, and it is still well-known among collectors. During BASELWORLD, the third edition of this chronograph was presented, and it fits well into NIVREL's replique series!

NIVREL Chronographe Replique III

On Sea: The new NIVREL Deep Ocean

Last year, NIVREL announced that the production of the popular Deep Sea diving watch will be discontinued. Having been around since 2004, Red Sea, Deep Sea and South Sea have been well-known by watch enthusiasts in Germany and beyond. In 2011, NIVREL will start with a new series of diving watches. True to the motto 'From the Sea to the Ocean', NIVREL announces the new 'Ocean'-series of diving watches starting in 2011. The first model to be revealed is called 'Deep Ocean': a 500m diver with a distinctive design and some outstanding functional.

NIVREL Deep Ocean

In the Air: The new NIVREL Horaire Aviateur

The Horaire Aviateur is the first aviator watch of NIVREL. It is a very brand-typical project, in which NIVREL's brand slogan 'The German watch with a Swiss heart' was picked up. The new watch reflects and combines the German as well as the Swiss history in aviator watches. Check out the new Horaire Aviateur, a perfect mixture of German and Swiss watchmaking tradition!

NIVREL Horaire Aviateur

NIVREL's anniversary watch: The new NIVREL Horaire Automatique and the Horaire Automatique 'Le Jubilé'

In 2011, NIVREL celebrates the 75th anniversary of the brand! For friends of NIVREL, we will introduce a new model at the beginner's level. The new Horaire Automatique will be our cheapest entry into the world of mechanical watches. However, still no compromises will be made in terms of product quality. All watch components will be in the same perfect quality that NIVREL stands for. But as a birthday present from us to our customers, the watch will be available for a stunning and very attracttive price!

Additionally, a special edition of 75 unique and numbered pieces will be available in the second half of 2011. Not only NIVREL celebrates a great birthday this year. Also the Kraemer jewelry store, the cradle of today's NIVREL owners celebrates it's 120th anniversary in 2011. Celebrating both events at the same time, NIVREL will build a number of special editions of the Horaire Automatique. In total 75 pieces of the 'Horaire Automatique Le Jubilé' will celebrate not only the watchmaker tradition of NIVREL, but also the goldsmith tradition of the Kraemer/Hofer family. It will carry a special case engraving, a gold-plated rotor with a unique number, and a rose gold sweep second hand! It will be available for the same price as the normal 'Horaire Automatique', but only while stock will last!

NIVREL Horaire Automatique

Find out more about the new NIVREL watches 2011! You will find more information in our collection on this website as well as in the news section.