NIVREL Special Edition 2010/2011: The La Grande Manuelle X47

von Guido Grohmann - 23 Oct, 2010

NIVREL Special Edition 2010/2011: The La Grande Manuelle X47

X47: Watch maker precision applied to Organizers

X47 is a young, innovative producer of calendars and organizers. Just like NIVREL, X47 is lo-cated in Germany’s federal state of Saarland. Their products are hand-made from the best Italian leather and are produced only in Germany. The special secret of X47 is their patented so-called spine rail which makes it possible to create extraordinary slim organizers.

The spine rail uses the same spring bars that are used to attach straps to wrist watches. The X47 spring bars are exclusively produced in Switzerland. Replacing the normal ring mechanisms of personal organizers, the spine rails allows the construction of extremely flat organiziers. The X47 organizer is flat enough to fit into every coat pocket.

NIVREL and the Time Circle Concept of X47

Yet another innovation of X47 is their daily calendar called 'Time Circles', showing the dial of a watch on every page of the calendar. Round time circles have had and continue to have a strong influence on western culture and society. Just as a watch allows you to quickly recognize the time and remember it as well, using this time circle concept for planning your daily activities allows you to quickly get the information you need, while best allowing you to hold this information in your memory. Your daily activities are easily and clearly inserted into the time circle, giving you a realistic overview of your appointments, meetings and activities.

NIVREL La Grande Manuelle X47

For 2011 the two companies based in Saarbrücken present a combination of their products. The organizer of X47 and NIVREL’s „La Grande Manuelle“ grow together into a limited edition of 250 pieces.

The X47 personal organizer coming with the watch not only includes a matching Time Circles daily calendar and an engraved NIVREL logo. The organizer cover in fine calf leather also matches the color of the watches' Louisiana alligator leather strap.

The paper format in the X47 personal organizer has the following dimensions: 98 x 145 mm, 3.86 x 5.71 inches. This optimal watch and organizer combination allows you to wear your NIVREL watch on your wrist and carry its copy in your jacket pocket - keeping your daily appointments in the highest state of organization.

As for the watch, the NIVREL ’La Grande Manuelle X47’ features a typical dial for this NIVREL series: big Arabic numerals with a so-called ‘train track minutes indication. It is printed on a dial made of massive sterling silver. The typical small second at 5 o’clock rounds up the picture of this beautiful watch face.

The inner part of the timepiece is driven by a pocket watch movement calibre ETA Unitas 6498-2. The movement is fine finished to perfection: Broad Geneva stripes, wonderful fine finished wheels and bridges, blued crews as well as a blued swans neck fine adjustement. This movement is a true eye-catcher!

More information about our special edition La Grande Manuelle X47 can be found in the collection category.