Republished: The Héritage Chronographe Minutes

von Guido Grohmann - 1 Feb, 2014

Republished: The Héritage Chronographe Minutes

Since the beginning of NIVREL’s history in Germany the Edition Héritage is the defining face of the brand. Characteristics of these models are the straight case lugs, the Clous-de-Paris pattern on the dial and the flame-blued steel hands. Overall, the design of the Héritage edition is classically elegant and carefully detached from fashionable trends. The only adjustment that the models of the Edition Héritage have passed throughout the last 20 years, is an enlargement of the case diameter which had become a trend across brands in the world of timepieces a few years ago.

The trend towards larger case diameters, however, has been declining again for some time now. Classic watches with a subtle case size are and remain simply timeless. They are exposed to competition just temporarily by fashion trends. NIVREL has taken the occasion to relaunch an older model of the Edition Héritage, which complements the series with a very special complication.

The Héritage Chronographe Minutes presents a special feature within the chronographs of NIVREL. The watch is not driven by a conventional chronograph movement. Rather, the observer finds a three-hand movement caliber ETA 2892-A2 inside the watch. With the help of a complicated module structure, the automatic base movement is extended by a chronograph function. The minute counter of the chronograph function is not indicated with a small sub dial, but as a central indicator out of the dial center and displayed by a hand with a red arrow on the outside of the dial. On the inside of the dial, the "left free" sub dial is used for an additional 24-hour indication.

The Héritage Chronographe Minutes is produced as usual in a small series and offered at a special attractive price (while supplies last).

More information about our model Héritage Chronographe Minutes can be found in the collection category.