Celebrating 75 years of NIVREL: The Horaire Automatique

von Guido Grohmann - 1 Jun, 2011

Celebrating 75 years of NIVREL: The Horaire Automatique

Historically, NIVREL originated from the brand Marvin. Marvin was founded in 1850 by Marc and Emmanuel Didisheim in St. Imier, part of the Swiss Jura region. Until well into the first part of the 20th century, Marvin mostly produced pocket watches for men and diamond watches for women. The diamond pieces were often integrated into different pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces or brooches. In 1936, NIVREL was introduced by MARVIN as an additional brand. NIVREL featured men's watches with chronographs and calendars, as well as small ladies watches. Movements were either provided by existing suppliers, or produced in-house.

In 1993, Gerd Hofer – 4th generation of the jewelry family 'Kraemer/Hofer' from Saarbrücken / Germany – acquired the brand and integrated it into the tradition of the Kraemer and Hofer family business. From now on, the motto of NIVREL was: The German watch with a Swiss heart!

A birthday present: The new Horaire Automatic

Of course, the brand's 75th anniversary in 2011 is celebrated with a new watch model. The new 'Horaire Automatique' is part of the 'Edition Horaire' and complements the collection as the new model at entry-level. Perfect components from German manufacturers and a solid Swiss movement (ETA 2824-2) were chosen to build a watch with an excellent price / performance ratio. As a birthday present from us to our customer, the watch will be available for a very attractive price. For just 499,- Euro, the new 'Horaire Automatique' shows how much quality a mechanical watch at entry-level can provide.

Limited to 75 pieces: The NIVREL/Kraemer edition

An exclusive limited edition of 75 unique, numbered and engraved pieces will be available additionally. Not only NIVREL celebrates a great birthday this year. Also the Kraemer jewelry store – the cradle of today's NIVREL owners – celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2011. Cherishing both events at the same time, NIVREL presents a special edition of the 'Horaire Automatique' limited to 75 pieces: the 'Horaire Automatique Le Jubilé'. This watch symbolizes not only the watchmaker tradition of NIVREL, but also the goldsmith tradition of the Kraemer/Hofer family. The backside of the watch case carries a special case engraving, a rose gold-plated rotor with a unique number, and a rose gold sweep seconds hand! It will be available for the same price as the normal 'Horaire Automatique', but only while stock will last!

More information about our model Horaire Automatique can be found in the collection category