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Relief engraving of an erotic scene on a dial

von Anja Hofer - 2 Nov, 2011

In this example of an erotic watch, the dial is a so-called relief engraving. The scene was engraved in a 18 ct. rose gold plate. The finished relief engraving shows an erotic scene with a moving element.

Sketch of the motive to be engraved 18 ct.rose gold plate for the relief engraving First skech of the relief engraving

When realizing such a watch, the first step is to choose the motive and to draw a first sketch. This sketch is engraved into a solid 18 ct. gold plate, 30x30 mm wide and 2 mm thick. Afterwards, the relief engraving begins.

Finisehd engraving Finalized watch with relief engraving

When the engraving work is completed, parts of the engraving will be gilded in different gold colors for further beautification and highlighting of the elaborate relief work. Then, the dial is built into the watch. At this point, the moving elements are linked with the movement. In this example, the arm of the lady starts moving when the five-minute repeater mechanism is launched. The realization of the moving part is the result of a co-work between a goldsmith and the watchmaker. The watchmaker is calculates the possible length of the piece of gold representing the arm. The goldsmith builds the arm according to the specifications. Thereupon, the watchmaker links the arm to the rest of the scene by attaching it to the hammer of the repeater watch movement. Only after the moving elements are link to the watch movement the timepiece can be built together.

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