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Hand-engraved rock crystal with Russian icon

von Anja Hofer - 15 May, 2012

Hand-engraved rock crystal with Russian icon

As someone desires, the motif of one our watches from the edition pièce unique can be chosen freely. Our client had the idea to produce a watch with an icon portrait. At the request of the customer the choice fell on a Jesus motif. The following pictures show the production of such individual cusotmer watch.

Once the image has been defined, it will be mirrored sketched on the rock crystal and carved into the stone. Thereafter, the motif is engraved into the rock crystal by using a hand-rolled steel wheel.

Following the engraving work the painting of the motif begins. This is done in different color layers, wherein the color that is shown at the top, will be applied at first. The wafer-thin paint application is done by using a acupuncture needle. Between the different application of colours dry periods of several hours to several days must always be kept, to risk no blurring.

In order that the colour will not remove during the further process, the motif is completely sealed with hard wax.

A coloring of the object creates a 3-dimensional effect for the eye of the beholder. The considerable labor and time required creating such an engraving and painting is immediately apparent when looking at the watch. The intricate details of the motif such as the eyes, show that such engraving work can only be executed with utmost precision.

As background, a mother of pearl dial is selected which gives the stone an elegant bluish character. Using UV-binder, the engraved stone can be fixed on the mother of pearl.

As the carrier for the jewelry the company’s 5-minute repeater watch has been chosen. In order to accomplish this combination complex movement customizations have to be performed. These working steps are carried out in close cooperation between the watchmakers and the engraving specialists. The end result is a watch, which shows not only the time. It is timepiece and jewelry at the same time.

Pictures of the complete production process can be found on our Facebook Page.