The German watch with a Swiss heart

NIVREL watches are designed and manufactured in Germany, specifically in the Saarland, in Saarbruecken's suburb St. Arnual. At NIVREL, we only use Swiss movements, which are refined and decorated to a great extent until they finally become the beating heart of a NIVREL timepiece. A NIVREL watch therefore is called 'the German watch with a Swiss Heart'. The brand slogan 'Coeur de la Sarre' (French for 'The heart of the Saar region') is an integral part of our brand logo and expresses our solidarity with the Saarland and the entire Saar-Lor-Lux region.

The following pages provide an insight into our company and our products. We want to show you why it is worthwhile to posess a NIVREL watch, a true piece of German and Swiss watchmaking.

Anniversary Watch 2016

In 2016, NIVREL celebrates the 80th anniversary of the brand with a new entry-level model that comes at a very attractive price point. Read more...


Deep Ocean Black/Red

The Deep Ocean Black will be back in 2016 in limited numbers. In addition, we are pleased to announce the new Deep Ocean Red for 2016. Read more...

Deep Ocean Black / Red

Heritage Minier pocket watch

NIVREL's contribution to helping remember the coal mining tradition of the Saarland, especially the so-called Bergmannsuhr (coal miner’s watch). Read more...

NIVREL Heritage Minier

NIVREL Wachmaking Seminar

The chance to assemble your NIVREL timepiece all by yourself? NIVREL invites you to get an insight into the fascinating world of the watchmaker. Read more...

NIVREL Replique Manuelle

Replique Manuelle II

Our model Replique Manuelle II featuring caliber ETA Unitas 6498-1 is now also available with a black dial, both for the normal and the De Luxe version. Read more...

NIVREL Replique Manuelle III

Chronographe Minutes

The new chronograph of NIVREL features not only a clear design, but also a very interesting and unusual chronograph complication with a centralized minute counter. Read More...

NIVREL Chronographe Minutes

Visit our E-Boutique

We cordially invite you to visit our so-called E-Boutique. Here you will find all of our products in their complete variety. We are looking forward to your visit!

NIVREL E-Boutique

NIVREL on Facebook

Become a fan on our Facebook page! Everything new about NIVREL, about new products, lucky draws and much more. Here's the direct link to our Facebook page.

NIVREL auf Facebook

NIVREL on Google+

NIVREL can also be found on Google+! Be a part of our social community, we are looking forward to your visit. Click on the picture to find our Google+ site.

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Our Newsletter

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NIVREL Newsletter

Hall of Fame

In our Hall of Fame you will find information about the NIVREL references that do not belong to our current collections. Read more...

NIVREL Hall od Fame

NIVREL Service

At NIVREL, we are proud of our commitment to service. Our prime concern is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Read more...

NIVREL Service

NIVREL in the Press

Who reports when and where about NIVREL watches? We are always keeping an eye open to keep you informed about publications, reports, but also about our own marketing and PR activities.

NIVREL in the Press

Uhr-Tour 2012

12 hobby pilots travelled together in six ultralight machines to visit various watch manufacturers in Germany. NIVREL was part of the idea and at the same time the first stage of the tour. Read more...

Uhr-Tour 2012