NIVREL Service

Our watches are made by highly qualified watchmakers and are subject to rigid inspection standards. Our warranty certificate issued by our retailers stands for our high quality standard. For 24 months from the date of purchase all warranty issues will be carried out in our service center with efficiency and quality control. We also guarantee an exact function and will provide trustworthy service after the expiration date.


At NIVREL, we are proud of our commitment to service. Our prime concern is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in response to the trust they have placed in us. The services we provide reflect the very high level of demands that are a hallmark of our timepieces.

Care instructions

NIVREL watches are precious timepieces made by hand, using the finest materials. They require certain precautions, particular care and appropriate and regular service, to guarantee their operation and extend their lifespan. Please consider the following care regulations:

Hall of Fame

In our Hall of Fame you will find information about the NIVREL references that do not belong to our current collections. Nevertheless, they belong unseperately to the NIVREL product family. Also, our ambassadors are able to still deliver most of those reference upon request.


Here you will find some useful downloads for NIVREL products.

Moon Phases 2014 / 2015

Are you an owner of a watch with moon phase indication? If you would liuke to adjust the moon phase on your watch, please find some useful information here.