NIVREL: Our company

NIVREL is a registered trademark of our company, the Gerd Hofer GmbH, located in Saarbrucken, in Germany’s federal state Saarland. The strong alliance of today‘s technical possibilities and yesterday‘s style of craftsmanship produces fascinating mechanical watches that have found friend all over the world.

On the following pages you will get to know our company, it’s history, the persons behind the story as well as the production of watches and the philosophy behind it. We are happy to invite you on a virtual trip to our city of Saarbrucken, into the beautiful suburb ‘St. Arnual’!


It all began with a goldsmith. On October 4, 1891, goldsmith Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer opened a jewelry and watch store on the main street of the German town Saarbrucken. He was a descendent of a craftsman family that had been living in Saarbrucken for over 300 years. 5 generations later, in 2009, the Kraemer Jewelry Store is one of the top 100 jewelry stores in Germany, according to German magazine ‘Schmuckmagazin’.


The current generation of NIVREL is young, in our mid-thirties, but we are very dedicated to our obligation to tradition. We consider ourselves very unique within a huge industry of watch manufacturers. Our company is small and family-run. We don’t have any desire to change that, only to embrace it. The idea behind NIVREL watches is small scale production with attention to the highest quality and individual design.


NIVREL as a brand has found friends all around the world. It is quite remarkable that Gerd Hofer GmbH – the company behind the brand name – is a relatively small, family-run business. In order to realize our production approach this fact is essential. Because only within our traditional and original structures we are able to realize a quality standard that meets our high expectations. In order to do so, we have been cooperating with the same suppliers for many years when it comes to producing the different necessary components. Those supplier companies all belong to the top specialists of the German watch industry. At the NIVREL production site, we concentrate on the construction of the final watch, die fine finishing and functional enhancement of single parts, the part assembly, the assembly of and the quality assurance and service for the end product.

Home Town Saarbruecken

For five generations, the Hofer / Kraemer family has produced finest jewelry for the people of Saarbruecken, the Saarland and the so-called Saar-Lor-Lux region. Two generations ago, the family also brought the NIVREL watch production into the region. The production site is located in Saarbruecken.