Edition Replique

The Edition Replique engages with the history of the brand. With thes watches, we are bringing historical NIVREL models back to life! Already in 1994, Gerd Hofer presented the reference N 515.001, a homage to an old NIVREL chronograph from the 1940s. The 'new' watch was equipped with a very special movement: The Lemania 1873 chronograph movement with manual winding. The watch was limited to 100 pieces and sold out almost immediately.

Since 2009, NIVREL has extended the Replique models to a small series. What was initially continued with the models Le Chronographe Replique II and Le Chronographe Replique III, is now being expanded with the new Coeur de la Sarre. For the first time, a classic three-hand watch is presented. As always, it is based on the design of an older model NIVREL from the 1950ies.