Edition Pièce Unique

Flagship of the NIVREL product line-up is the Edition Pièce Unique. It contains those watches that were most important for company founder Gerd Hofer. By combining highend mechanics with the craftsmanship of a goldsmith (his real but former profession) he started to create watches that were timepieces and jewellery at once.

The basic idea is of the Pièce Unique is the creation of a piece of jewelry with the various possibilities that the watchmaker and goldsmith craft offer.

Over the time NIVREL has inspired a variety of artisans to the idea of the Pièce Unique Edition: goldsmiths, engravers, and even miniature painter. Also the materials used for the dials now know no boundaries. Engraved or skeletonized gold plates, the use of totally engraved work modules over paintings on sapphire crystal up to the use of engraved stones and rock crystals almost all potential opportunities have now been implemented.

Individuality is paramount

By providing many different versions and customizing possibilities, every watchlover is able to find his or her individual watch. All known models from the edition pièce unique, such as the Black Dragon, or the Repetition Peinture with the hand-painted horse should only be regarded as design proposals. There are no barriers when realizing customer requests. The only restriction that is to mention is the time itself. As all Pièce Unique models are handmade, it takes a while to realize an individual request. But the small waiting time is worth it. The result meets the owner's desire to carry their own idea realized by himself.